Be a Distributor

Have you realized the  benefits of Pure Barley products and you want to start sharing the benefits of it by becoming a Sante Pure Balrey Distributor? Or Maybe you want to just want to continue buying the product on a discounted rate?

Do you want to become a Sante Barley Authorized Distributor?

BE A DISTRIBUTOR of SANTE PURE BARLEY and GET A BIG BIG DISCOUNT up to 50% on all Sante Pure Barley Products.

Why Distribute Sante Pure Barley instead of other Green Barley products available in the market?

Become a Member and enjoy:

- 30-50% Discounts on all Sante Pure Barley
- FREE Seminars (Marketing, Product information Trainings)
- Commissions and Incentives (Cash, Brand new Car, House and Lot, etc.)
- Unlimited Daily, Weekly and Monthly Earnings (No limit on how much you could earn)
- No Flush-out System
Earn Php 300 -5,000 for every new signed up member
- Earn Php 500 to Php 7,500 for every pair (left and right) on your genealogy
- In this kind of business, you will earn more money when you have more downlines or new members invited

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